martedì 2 giugno 2015

Learning in Museums and Young People

a NEMO - LEM Working Group study

NEMO’s LEM Working Group (Learning Museums) is happy to present its recently published study on Young People in Museums.
Learning in Museums and Young People” focuses on museums informal and non-formal learning opportunities for young people, particularly aged 14-25. It was conducted in the context of current issues for young people in Europe and the challenges they are faced with, in the social field, as well as concerning their employment opportunities. Based on an outline of this "frame" the more-than-ever important role of museums is discussed.

In the course of this 4 sections deal with the following related topics:

  • the relation between museums and young people with regard to motivations and methodologies to improve and increase access and engagement in culture
  • the role of museums in the digital era and use and particularly potential of new technologies
  • the challenges of social exclusion, especially for those considered NEET.
  • the multi-facetted concept of accessibility and disadvantage referred to young people with disabilities
In order to give specific references to EU context, all themes are introduced related to some of the Europe 2020 priorities, targets and flagship initiatives.

The study is avalaible on NEMO’s website. NEMO and the LEM Working Group hope that you will find the study useful in your further work and are looking forward to discuss these topics further with you.

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